Horse Injury Photos

Photos Courtesy of Swearengin Farm

Dalton found his mare in the fence on September 9, 1998. The local vet said he didn’t how how she would fare. A local farmer told him she should be put down. Another farmer told him he should try Emu Oil. Dalton opted to use the Emu Oil. These are the results.

Interview with Dalton About the Use of Emu Oil

Q. How many times a day did you apply the Emu Oil?

A. Twice a day .. most of the time, sometimes only once.

Q. How often did you wash the wound?

A. Only a couple of times, after we started the Emu Oil. The oil seemed to keep the injury moist and clean and allowed it to heal from the inside out.

Q. What about flies?

A. The Emu Oil helped that problem too..the only time I felt I needed to use fly spray was the days I knew I couldn’t get back before dark. But then, I realized the flies would land but they wouldn’t stay. I don’t think they liked the oil.

Comment: After 8 weeks, Dalton was only applying the Emu Oil once a day, he said that it doesn’t seem to be healing as fast and is applying the oil twice a day again.