About Us

DSCF1881Back Country Naturals certainly lives up to its name. It is “back in the country” where Tom and Mary Jane found their hideaway deep in the Ozark hills.

Here on our 40 acres we built our log home and raised our two children. They are grown now and instead of peace and quiet, our hideaway has turned into a busy flurry of activities, which include ourselves and many recruited family members. (Some of which thought we were crazy!)

What all started in 1994 with a pair of Emu to help “save the farm”, has become a thriving second income. We were at the point of having to sell our 40 acres and dream home, and needed an income from our property-a home based business. Since the property was mostly rocks, hills and woods, growing crops and grazing land was out. We were great with livestock and animals, but none seemed to be profitable.

Curiously we watched a distant neighbor’s emu operation grow and decided to investigate. Then purchased our first pair and began building and building and building. The first year was very successful and our number grew from a pair to 150 birds in a couple of years.

The Emu industry was changing rapidly and Emu were not selling as expected. Many producers panicked and liquidated their Emu. Farmers from miles around were offering us their Emu. It was like we were a one-family ‘Save the Birds’ organization.

We still believed in the oil and that this business was the answer to our prayers. There’s a verse that says “Faith without works is dead.” It was time to act on our faith. No more whining. We needed to get to work and create a market for the Emu oil. With a lot of research and help from a friend on the National Emu Oil Standards Board, we developed a gentle, natural Emu oil processing. Then came the perfecting of our product line. Starting from scratch, working 24/7, basically 365 days a year, for many years, is what has propelled us to the success that we now enjoy.

The response has been fantastic. With such great products, word got out and our sales exceeded our expectations. The Emu have “saved the farm”. The income is only part of why we do this. When folks call and write about how Emu oil and our natural products have literally changed their life and been like a miracle for them, it brings a joy and satisfaction to our heart that is worth more than gold.

Thank you for visiting us on the web. We hope you enjoy the wonderful benefits of our products. Let us know if we can help you in any way or answer any questions.

Tom and Mary Jane McHaffie