What they are Saying

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What Our Customers Have Been Telling Us

Thank you again. After trying Emu Oil from seven different companies, yours has proven over and over to be the most effective for skin conditions as well as pain relief. I just placed my order day before yesterday and it arrived today. Fabulous service.

EF Oregon

For Your Pets Too!
My miniature schnauzer has a tumor on his eyelid. I started putting Emu Oil on it three times a day and with in 4 weeks it had softened and was getting smaller. After six weeks it was almost gone.

Susanne MO

Gel Caps
I have had bursitis in my right hip for years. I started taking Monster Omega Emu Oil gel caps and with in a month the pain was gone. If I run out the pain comes back with in a few days. I will never be with out my Monster Omega gel caps.

EA California

Your Emu Oil lotion is wonderful for my skin I use it under my foundation and all my friends say I look 10 years younger, wonderful product.

AR California

Your Emu Oil Lotion is the best lotion I have found for my face. I can’t wait to get my new bottles.

RS Missouri

Back Country Naturals the best oil
I have used several different brands of Emu Oil but a friend of mine sent me BCN and it is the best I have ever had, very good product.

SW Missouri

Back Country Naturals the best oil
I’d like to say that I like your Emu Oil much better than what we have here. It seems to work better, for some reason.

SS California

After suffering an anaphylactic shock I could not sleep because the muscles in my legs were so painful I had tried prescribed medication as well as over the counter medications. Nothing worked, until my friend gave me some Emu Oil. Believe it or not it was a miracle it works!

MG Missouri

My 87 year old mother had 2 different types of cancer. She went through double chemotherapy. It left her feet with a lot of nerve damage and numbness. Since that time she has had constant pain in her feet. I asked her to try Emu Oil. She rubbed it on her feet before going to bed. The next day she called and told me that for the first time in 9 years her feet did not hurt all night long.

BL Missouri

The Monster Omega Gel Caps have worked great for me. I have a lot of trouble with my right ankle. If I miss taking my Monster Omega, then I can’t walk the next day. That’s enough proof for me!!!

Wanda, Missouri

My husband has serious varicose veins and seriously bad circulation due to a heart condition. His left knee is a mess from playing for the Razorbacks in the 70’s. At night he suffers from sharp pains in his knee, tingling itching and burning in his lower left leg and foot. He didn’t want any more drugs which our doctor said was negligible for help anyway. I tried my Emu Oil on him one night. To our delight and surprise, it helped the knee pain plus tingling, burning and itching in his foot completely stopped. All I know is that it works when nothing else has, and he can sleep now! I use it for my dry skin and for the pain in my hip, I rub the oil into my sacra-iliac join and it helps tremendously. I so appreciate this product.

Angela AR

My granddaughter was in an auto accident. She had trauma that left her right arm and leg contracted and in much pain. Her Doctor recommended massage with BCN Emu Oil, within minutes the pain was gone. The pulse in her contracted side is better than the pulse in her good side. Her skin looks like a babies and the muscle tone that had begin to wither is much improved. I don’t know what I would have done with out this Wonderful natural product.

KG Missouri

I bought my 1st bottle of oil yesterday. I have planters fasciitis in my right foot and the doctors have said nothing will help besides surgery. I told my family that I bought some Emu Oil to try on my foot, my husband and son laughed at me. I’m sure you know what happen next. I rubbed that oil on my foot and WOW I was able to walk without a limp, not all the pain was gone but it was a lot better. I put it on again when I went to bed and the next morning I had no pain in that foot. What a blessing this is for I have really suffered.

Lisa MO

Pain and everything
We use Emu Oil for many things. The relief of arthritis pain in knees, pain and stiffness of joints, stiff necks, leg cramps, athletes feet and skin irritation. We heartily endorse this product.

DM Missouri

Skin Cancer
My Skin cancer disappeared after I used Emu Oil. Even my Doctor said it was gone.

DH Missouri

Skin Cancer
About a year and a half ago I had half a dozen skin cancers removed form my neckline area, where the sun hits through the windshield. I was told I would be getting more cancers. I started applying Emu Oil and have not had another cancer. This to me is the miracle of Emu Oil.

DW Colorado

SI had skin cancer in several places. In less than 2 weeks using Emu Oil the cancer lesions are disappearing. I love my Emu OIL.

EM Missouri

I had a hard cyst come up above my wrist. The Doctor said it would have to be removed. I rubbed Emu Oil on it every night. 6 weeks it was gone Emu Oil has saved me a lot of money and pain.

BK Missouri

I have had scleroderma really bad in my hands and since taking the Monster Omega Emu Oil Gel caps and using the Emu Oil every night. There has been a big, big change. Thank You. This is after 25 years of suffering.

Lisa PA

I suffer form psoriasis, a friend recently introduced me to your product which I apply at night before I go to sleep. It has made a remarkable improvement in alleviating the scaling and cracks which I have on my hands. None of the prescription ointments, lotions or creams I’ve tried to date have had the positive effect I am experiencing with Your Emu OIL.

DE Indiana

Granuloma Annular
If you could have seen the difference of the before and now after results of Emu Oil use you’d be amazed. I have Granuloma annular, a chronic skin disorder of reddish purple raised rings on most of my face. Now it’s hardly noticeable. Amazing

DP Missouri

Several months ago I began using pure Emu Oil with wonderful results. The Dermatitis on my face has totally healed.

SJ Texas

Three years ago I had a severe case of an eczematous dermatitis on both legs and my lower left arm. After several applications of Emu Oil no more redness and no itching. My leg hasn’t looked so good in more then three years.

VP Minnesota

I have had shingles for ten weeks and tried every thing that the doctors told me would help the pain, nothing helped. A friend sent me a bottle of Emu Oil andI got immediate relief from the burning, itching, stabbing pain. Today I called Back Country Naturals and ordered more. I will not run out of this product.

Jack TX

I started using Emu Oil for Shingles after the prescription medication set me on fire. The Emu Oil was a life saver. It calmed the burning, itching and pain.

PW Missouri

I have had fibromyalgia for the last 20 years. I can truthfully say that Emu Oil is the most beneficial product I have used yet.

SS California

I’m 33 years old and suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. I tried Emu Oil on my Thumb joints which are very painful and stingy. Just a drop of Emu Oil and WOW! What a soothing comforting feeling. It’s almost unreal.

DL Missouri

My mother who is 75 had terrible pain in her knees. The Doctor gave her an anti-inflammatory and it didn’t work. I had her try your Monster Omega Emu Oil Gel Caps, now the pain is gone.

Jane CA

I’m 92 years old and have had arthritis in my knees for 20 years. My knees are not swollen and red anymore. I wouldn’t be able to walk without Emu Oil.

SR Iowa

Emu Oil what a difference it makes. Since I’ve been using it I get so many compliments on my complexion. The word my family uses for Emu Oil is WONDERFUL.

AE Missouri

Diane was in an automobile accident in which the airbag deployed, striking her in the face. She immediately started applying Emu Oil, and within one week she was healed and able to attend her company banquet with a big smile.



Dear Mary Jane & Tom,
I want you to know how much I’m enjoying your Kalaya Kreme soap! I’ve been showering and shaving with it everyday for the last five months, and my skin loves your wonderful product.
The Kalaya Kreme soap has given my 67 year-old skin a vital glow that I hadn’t seen in decades. My skin is tighter and younger, with fewer wrinkles and lines. I can almost hear my skin say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” when I climb into the shower each morning.
I’ve also sent your Kalaya Kreme soap as presents to many of my friends. The feedback has been universally positive. They all love the soap as much as I do.
Thank you, Mary Jane & Tom, for bringing this superb soap into my life. I intend to remain a healthy, contented, and glowing customer of Back Country Naturals, all the days of my life.
Blessings & Gratitude,

Owen Murphy

It is the only product that I have found that really helps the cracked skin on my finger tips. It is the best penetrating lotion/oil I have ever used. My son had a bad skin reaction to a new acne medication. After applying the Emu Oil to his burning skin, it stopped hurting and the redness was gone the next morning. Great Product

George FL

Though animals have a natural ability to heal, I credit the use of Back Country Naturals Emu Oil with providing this excellent outcome. I don’t believe this horse would have healed nearly this well without it. The fact that I could treat something so awful with a completely natural product and have it turn out so well is truly a testimonial to the wonders of Emu Oil!

Lynn, CO

Lupus and Arthritis
My mother has Lupus and several kinds of arthritis. A year ago her feet swelled and turned black. She couldn’t wear shoes. She used Emu Oil for 2 days and could get her shoes on.

J Missouri

Thorasic Spine
I have been in therapy for 2 months for a thorasic spine which makes my spine freeze up.
After just 3 days using Emu Oil, the pain was completely gone. It’s great stuff!

DD Missouri

I’ve had chronic tendonitis for 5 years. I use the Emu Oil on my arms and neck, and it gives me relief. I put it on and the pain goes away.

KJ Missouri

Muscle StrainsI pulled a muscle and couldn’t walk without limping. I rubbed in the Emu Oil and to my amazement was walking without limping 45 minutes later.

SG Missouri

After radiation treatment, I would put Emu Oil on that night. After 33 treatments the doctor said he had never seen such good results. My skin was very supple with no dry places at all.

CP Missouri

The Emu Oil is the first thing I grab when something happens. I used it when I burned my arm while cooking.

KM Missouri

Last summer I got a real bad sunburn on my shoulders and neck. I started putting the Emu Oil on it, and it didn’t get sore. I didn’t even peel.

SK Missouri

Sensitive Skin
My sister had extremely sensitive skin. Lukewarm water was the only thing she could use on her face. She cautiously tried Emu Oil, and it worked! Thanks to Emu Oil, she can now use a moisturizer on her face.

PW Missouri

I’m a car mechanic and my hands take a beating from all the oil and gasoline not to mention all the calluses I get. I found the Emu Oil lotion and use it on my hands ever evening when I get home. It is the only thing I have found that keeps my hands soft.

Mike MO

The First night I used Emu Oil I noticed a difference the next morning. My eyes were not puffy and the brand new wrinkle I recently acquired was gone. WOW!

CL Maine