Tonsil Radiation Treatments

I underwent 35 radiation treatments to my neck for stage four tonsillar cancer. No products that my radiologist prescribed helped.

Knee Replacement

Dave started applying Emu Oil one week after surgery. 4 weeks later, amazing results.

Car Accident

Diane was in an automobile accident in which the airbag deployed striking her in the face. She immediately started applying

RV Furnace Explosion Burns

Burns Caused by an RV Furnace Explosion And Treated With Emu Oil

Horse Injury Photos

Photos Courtesy of Swearengin Farm Dalton found his mare in the fence on September 9, 1998. The local vet said

Eczema Photos

Documentation of Emu Oil used for Eczema provided by Dr. Dan Dean, 28 year medical practitioner.

Gasoline Burn

Photos Courtesy of Stillwater Emu Ranch The accident happened November 7, 1997. This photo was taken 3 days later Feb

Abrasion Photos

Photos Courtesy Of Dr. Dean