Gasoline Burn

Photos Courtesy of Stillwater Emu Ranch

The accident happened November 7, 1997. This photo was taken 3 days later

Feb 4, 1998

Dear Penni and Don,

Bobby was burned while attempting to light a fire with gasoline on a Friday evening. The following Monday we started using Emu Oil. By Saturday (5 days later) he looked 100% better. Bobby was back in school on Monday. It had only been ten days since the accident and only seven days since we started with Emu Oil. The teachers at Flathead High School could not believe he had been so badly burned until they saw the photos. We used Emu Oil for one and one half weeks. As you can see by the photo’s, he is doing great. We highly recommend Emu Oil products. Bobby had no negative reaction to the oil. The cream the doctor gave him caused an upset stomach.

Linda Klapperich