Country Spice Emu Oil Soap


Spice & Everything Nice

For Face & Body

This very popular homespun blend of essential oils will be one of your favorites.  Many folks use an extra one placed in their towels just for the scent.   Hey guys and gals, try it for shaving.  Great for all skin types, face or body.

The generous addition of Emu Oil in all our soaps creates a moisturizing cleansing bar that can leave the skin silky, smooth & polished.

When combining the penetrating power of Emu Oil with other natural ingredients, it actually triples or quadruples their nourishing & revitalizing effect. Creating a soap bar you just have to experience to believe.

Every bar is handcrafted in our log home in the Ozark hills and aged a full month.  Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used in creating our “Secret” formulations.

Contains:  Pure olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, & Emu oil, natures premier emollient.

Also contains:  sodium hydroxide, water, cinnamon and nutmeg for color and a homespun blend of  essential oils

“Been using Country Spice soap as my shave cream for years and love it.  Only thing I’ll ever use.”Jarrett, MO

Buy 12 or more for $5.07 each.

The feeling of soap made by hand in small quantities the old fashioned way produces a soothing, rich experience that simply cannot be found in commercial brands.

Handmade soap just plain feels good. The lather is dense and penetrating and leaves the skin with a polished, silky texture. The remarkable properties of Emu Oil coupled with the natural glycerin produced during the soap making process creates a conditioning and moisturizing bar you must experience to believe.


This unique penetrating natural wonder is generously added to our soap. Its superb emollient and healing properties have yet to be surpassed.


Commercial soaps may contain many harsh synthetic chemicals, dyes, and perfumes. Skin readily accepts a variety of water and oil soluble materials through the pores. Since both good and bad enter readily, we must consider carefully which products to use. Many of these laboratory chemicals used in commercial soaps carry some very real carcinogenic risks.


Only the highest quality ingredients are used in our soaps. These do not clog or plug skin pores as some animal fat products do. The ingredients include; natural Emu Oil, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, distilled water, and Sodium Hydroxide, which is rendered inactive in the finished product. We allow only the earth’s offerings to color your soap and pure essential oils from the plant kingdom to scent your soap.

With nothing added and nothing taken away, the final product is real soap, not a laboratory imitation.

“Now that everyone in our family is “hooked” on your Kalaya Kreme Soap, I never want to run out! I’m 56 years old, and cannot believe the difference in my skin after using your products.”

J. Bryant ~ Kimberling City, MO

“Your soap is the only thing I’ll ever use! I’ll never use commercial soap again. I think my skin would rebel”.

P. Wilcox
Something Special Beauty Salon
Springfield, MO

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2.38 × 1 in